Business Coaching to make your business the best it can be

Business Coaching 1 – Whole Business Coaching

This coaching is specifically designed for owners of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) who want their business to deliver in any one, or all, of these four areas:

  1. Enhance the overall value of the business
  2. Significantly increase profits and/or client base
  3. Develop a well-motivated team to help drive the business forwards
  4. Free up valuable time and reduce pressure

This comprehensive Strategic Business Coaching will enable you to develop a clear strategy for creating maximum value in your business and reap the rewards quickly as you drive it forwards.

How does Whole Business Coaching work?

To illustrate the principal behind the coaching it is useful to use the analogy of a house:

When you think about your house, you know that if you were to consider selling it, in order to command the best price you would need to get it in the best possible condition. For a house, this means that it is up together, is problem free, runs smoothly and efficiently and maybe even has some added extras such as new extensions, an imaginative loft conversion or fantastic garden. You think about how you might increase its end value, and you know that if you have done everything that you possibly can to make it saleable, not only will it realise its maximum value, but it will probably also sell more easily and quickly than other houses. Even if you are not yet ready to sell, getting it to this state will ensure that it is now a real pleasure to live in both physically and economically.

This is what we do for businesses as professional business coaches. The parallel idea of maximising the value of your house can be carried across to create the maximum value for your business so that if, or when, you come to sell you will have made it highly saleable. This whole business coaching covers all the tasks, systems and procedures that will make your business the absolute best it can be, so that in the end it will deliver the maximum return on your investment.

But this is not all …

Even if you do not want to sell yet, or you think that you might never sell the business, by engaging in whole business coaching you will have created an efficient, profitable and enjoyable business right now and into the future.

Whole business coaching works by coaching you how to organise and control your business in such a way so as to increase its overall value to be as high as possible. This will also have the immediate benefits of making the business more consistently profitable and easier to run from this point onwards.

Aims of Whole Business Coaching

The goal is to prepare the business ‘as if’ for sale so that were you to put in on the market it would be a highly attractive prospect for a potential purchaser or investor. The result is a complete package of everything that would be required for someone else to be able to take over and run the business with minimum interruption.

The key objectives are:

  1. To make the business highly efficient by implementing, and documenting, effective systems so that:
    1. the strategic plan for the business is clear
    2. operations are regularised across the whole business
    3. everybody knows exactly what, when and how to do things
    4. measures can be put in place to assess their effectiveness e. productivity is optimised
    5. quality can be continually monitored and improved
    6. financial control is tight
  2. To develop a high level of leadership within the business, so that:
    1. the culture is aligned behind a clear vision for the future
    2. the staff form a well motivated cohesive team
  3. To ensure that the business is fully prepared for a potential sale, so that:
    1. it could be passed on to the next generation smoothly
    2. it is in the best condition to appeal to prospective buyers or investors
    3. it would command the best price available in the market
    4. in the meantime it will be profitable and enjoyable to run