Executive Coaching – Business Coaching that Takes You to the Top

Business Coaching 3 – Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching is a thorough and carefully designed approach which promotes excellence from the top down in order to yield long term benefits to the business. It has been specifically designed, with well tried and tested processes and systems, for senior personnel who wish to increase their own performance and accelerate their progress.

As part of organisational change it provides support in the induction or appointment of a key person into a more senior or alternative role and it speeds up the personal development of ‘high potential’ individuals.

Executive coaching from Newton Bagshawe delivers top quality coaching which will ultimately reflect in the performance and qualities of key people within the organisation or business.

Our Executive Coaching will:

  • Accelerate the personal development of ‘high potential’ individuals.
  • Challenge the high flyer to push beyond personal limitations and restrictions.
  • Deliver a structure and methodology for professional excellence
  • Underpin the effective implementation of organisational change.
  • Provide opportunities for the executive to deliver top quality performance, through a well developed and personalised programme.
  • Prepare senior executives for promotion or increased responsibility.
  • Support the induction or appointment of a key person into a more senior or different role.

The business will benefit from:

  • Greater commitment and dedication
  • Retention of key people who feel valued
  • A resourceful and innovative approach to business concerns
  • Improved motivation and management of team members

Executive Coaching incorporates:

  • Goal & Target Setting
  • Performance Enhancement & Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Priority Setting
  • Work Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Business Etiquette
  • Leadership training