Training Seminars with Business Groups

In addition to business coaching we also deliver seminars, workshops and training modules to senior managers and select business groups. These are customised to the needs of group and are formulated around the wider aspirations of the business. Below is a selection of typical topics that can be covered, but the list is by no means exhaustive. We welcome enquiries about any specific subjects or ideas that you may have from half day seminars to courses of a whole day or longer.

Strategic Business Alignment

How to align the whole business behind clear business Purpose, Values and Direction. Ensure that the strategy and tactics are in place to achieve the Vision and Mission.

Goal Setting

The importance of goals; how to set effective goals; the need for clarity; short, medium and long-term planning.

Time Management

Clarity of role; recognising how time is spent; prioritising; delegating; efficient habits.

Presentations & Public Speaking

Preparation; content; structure; delivery; body language; dealing with nerves.

Communication Skills

Developing good work relationships; listening skills; running meetings – one-to-one/group; focusing on customers; negotiation.


Uncover your own motivators. Learn what motivates others. Develop a motivational profile for staff. Recognise what de-motivates people.

Performance Management

Setting goals and targets; measuring and recording; giving feed-back; staff appraisal;

Team Building

What makes a high performing team; the stages of team development; major roles; factors that aid or hinder effectiveness.

Conflict Resolution

Recognising potential conflict situations; anticipation; dealing with aggression; mediation.

Stress Management

Understanding the stress response; recognising our own stressors; how to reduce the impact of stress.

Business Etiquette

Personal presentation; building rapport; correct procedures in different situations/cultures; building confidence.

Emergency Management

Anticipating disaster; considering procedures to minimise the effect; running the business after an incident.